Wedding Dance - Your magic moment

You can't fight the wrinkles or grey hair but you CAN fight and conqueror the waistline battle

Event Info

1 Hour

On this truly life changing occasion wouldn't it be great to add a memorable dance to the day. Once again I've taken my love of Latin & Social rhythm dances and formed various routines. With as few ar three lessons I can choreograph a fun, basic and easy to learn wedding dance. My specialty is working with couples without any dance experience. There's no need to be shy, just let you inhibitions.


Pick your wedding song and we will find a dance that you both like and also fits with the music. I can provide mobile lessons in the comfort of your home. I've had many couples come to me with literally days to go before the wedding and no idea of a wedding song in mind. And we've managed to plan, organise and execute a routine. The most important thing to remember is "the day" and that the dance is only the icing on the cake.