Supple Strength - Stretching Plus

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Teaching and practising Supple Strfength has radically enhanced my life both phusically and mentally. Modern day technology during recent years has drastically reduced our physical fitness. Many of us in the western world roll out of a comfortable bed, drive to work, sit all day, drive home and then spend the evening on a comfy sofa. Hense as a culture all of these have contributed to the demise in our posture and general health.

Supple Strength - Stretching Plus

Pilates yoga stretch ClassSupple Strength is a challenging stretching routine which is performed slowly and methodically with elements of Yoga and Pilates included. Flexibility through stretching is developed over time and with much practice. As we start to stretch our muscles their automatic response is to tense or contract. This is one of the ways that injuries may occur. We should also start stretching very gradually and warm the joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons to reduce the risk of injury. As we start the stretching process the muscles naturally contract as a reflex reaction in response to the impending physical activity. It takes the brain about 30 seconds to send a signal to the muscle in question that there's hopefully no trauma or injury occurring and the muscle will naturally start to respond and relax. This is how we strengthen and develop our muscles and they become supple with increased flexibility. We can then stretch deeper into the stretch and this is what we call "developmental stretching". Exercises are performed standing, sitting, lying down on our back, sides and front. All major muscle groups are utilised.

Supple Strength is performed mindfully which for me means we are thinking about what we are doing. We are not clock watching, it's not about speed, number of repetitions or aerobic activity and stretching will burn calories. Supple Strength will strengthen your entire body and our all important core and pelvic floor muscles (muscles that run from our pubic bone in front to our upper gluteal and lower back muscles) that support our bladder and lower large intestine. Stretching will relax your body which will in turn relax your mind and spirit. After a Supple Strength session you'll feel invigorated and better able to cope with the modern day stresses. This routine will truly strengthen and develop your mind and body.