Mad - High Intensity Training

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Event Info

1 Hour

This is an all out body blast workout lasting between 30 and 45 minutes maximum as it's high intensity. Just bring yourself, no weights or apparatus needed as it's all body resistance movements. This means we are using only our own body weight to resist gravity eg (push ups, sit ups leg lunges).

I would welcome anyone to the class as long as they're feeling physically fit and free from injury, no different from attending any other class. Once again we adopt the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) approach. The session includes strength, core and cardio or aerobics training. During the strength phase we'll work the upper and lower body with a barrage of exercises from push ups to power squats, cardio blasts using on the spot sprints and high speed jumping jacks and  various plyometric jumps.

mad advanced workoutPlyometrics or jump training is a form if exercise that uses big explosive jumping movements to maximise speed, power and endurance. Lots of these movements are high impact meaning they put added stress on your lower body joints (back, hips, knees and ankles). Added care should be taken when performing these movements in that you should always listen to your body and stop if pain develops.

The "Mad" workout session would benefit a beginner as it would kick start their exercise regime and results are achieved without external forces working on the body (Dumbbell's, barbells or machines). It's also great for the seasoned fitness participant as it's probably different from your every day routine and is a shock to the system. As time progresses you will see an increase in your strength, endurance as well as a conditioned and sculpted body. Women often say to me that they don't want to use weights or machines because they don't want big muscles but just to becomes toned. My answer is usually two pronged. Firstly you'd have to lift very heavy weights multiple times per week in order to gain huge muscles. Secondly with "Mad" your muscles will become toned not huge and your endurance will increase.