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1 hour

I usually start with neck turns and work down the body to the feet. It's really an extended warm up plan. I warm up the joints with contraction and relaxation exercises, which lubricates the joints with synovial fluid (a natural joint lubricant). All exercises are low impact as we are seated. Also anaerobic (non cardio) which might aid anyone with serious breathing problems.

Sit&Fit can be adapted to any fitness level and can be taught within a group that have various mobility needs. There's absolutely no excuse for anyone to say they're unable to workout. If you can sit in a chair that's all that will be required. I've taught this class in many Care Homes and to individuals who are wheelchair bound. Our muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons all react to stimulus of any kind. So even a very mild workout will be of tremendous benefit to someone who might have muscle atrophy. Corollary Sit&Fit can offer a challenging workout to someone  whose very fit. This  workout can provide benefits to participants coming from a wide spectrum.