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1 hour

BodySculpt - Total Body Workout

Bodysculpt fitness classess the total body workoutThis is a total body conditioning routine. It's a scaled down version of part of my daily exercise plan. I like to start with the abdominals and hit them while they're fresh. I find exercises that work the upper, lower, internal,external obliques, the core and pelvic floor muscles. I also include the lower back as having a strong back goes hand in hand with having a strong core. Your core muscles which include the lower back muscles (erector spinae) are the powerhouse and engine for every exercise we do. Eighty percent of the population will suffer with back problems in their lifetime. we can reduce our own probability by keeping our abs, core and lower back conditioned.

I them move on to the cardio routine for a minimum of 20 mins. This includes non stop squatting while doing lots of upper body moves. Squats are a great way to get an aerobic workout and is low impact on the hip, knee and ankle joints. I also like squats as they utilise the major muscle groups in our gluteus maximus, medius and minimus or glutes. Also targeting our quadriceps or quads and our hamstrings. We are also working the muscles in our lower back and calves or gastrocnemius soleus and tibialis anterior. These are big muscles and they burn lots if calories. While squatting we include a variety of over 50 different upper body movements. All these are done using dumbbell's of your choice.

Finally I end the routine with various exercises that might include, Dumbbell's, body weight resistance, plyometrics or interval training.

Cardio burns stored body fat and I guarantee that if you "eat right, exercise, rest, stay focused and be patient and you'll get the results you're looking for".

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